Guernsey Mafia

The Guernsey Mafia is made up of people who claim to be Anglicans, Methodists, Catholics, Church of England, Salvationists, Elim Pentecostals, freemasons.

These hypocrites can be found in all professions such as lawyers, accountants, bankers, and politicians.

These people are basically a wicked cabal!

Each of these people can be found in high places in Guernsey society, such as Social Services, Income Tax, Police Force, Courts, in fact all important positions pertaining to Guernsey Life. Their hands are firmly on the levers of power! 

The real people of Guernsey live in fear of this cabal made up of the elite of those who run the Island.

Nothing comes in and nothing goes out without the Cabal know about it. To upset the Cabal means complete ruin for you, your wife, and yes even your children are not safe.

In Guernsey even your friends could be your enemies! Jealous of your success they will turn against you, friendly to your face then viciously run you down behind your back and thieve what you have spent years building up and are rightfully yours.

What they cannot have they destroy by way of the law courts.

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