The Guernsey Mafia


*  track transactions in bank accounts as they occur any where in the world.

*  monitor telephone conversations.

*  freeze international financial accounts.

YOU! And your money are being watched !

Governments are now able to monitor offshore financial transactions via a new sophisticated computer network!

The new system is on test at the present time for implementation in Europe at the beginning of the millennium and is known as the  " AI / MPP "  this is short for ( Artificial Intelligence / Massive Parallel Processing  ) and is able to real - time monitor the entire US and European banking system. It will be able to follow financial movements the moment they are carried out. All bank accounts will be open for scrutiny at the touch of a button.

" deposit tracking systems," "mutual legal assistance treaties," "and financial intelligence units "are only a small part of this growing network of technology and law.

If you wish to protect your wealth you must first deal with global surveillance. Most asset protection advisors pretend this infrastructure doesn't exist.

Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Man, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand or any of their dependent territories, have a system whereby the phone calls are automatically screened by super computers for words that might indicate illegal activity. System X is the chosen system for Guernsey in the Channel Islands.

Guernsey has signed a " Bank Secrecy Act " that requires a file to be opened called " Suspicious Activity Report " (SAR)  or when they suspect a crime or that a transaction is " suspicious " the account is frozen ! and the manager goes on holiday to avoid the clients questions as to why.  SAR is then entered into the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) master database.

This is the governments " financial intelligence unit " if the banks do not co operate and spy on their customers they will have their licenses taken away.

Thinking of opening an offshore account to escape financial surveillance? Then think again. Financial intelligence units (FinCEN) exist in more than 24 countries and many offshore financial centres. Guernsey has one! Switzerland has organised its own MOU.

 System X Harlequin: creators of the WatCall telephone traffic analysis system which enables police to analyse telephone records and create "friendship networks"  an activity that does not require a warrant. Guernsey Telecom System X is believed to be under the control of  ECHELON - keyword recognition system which is used to systematically trawl Guernsey faxes, telephone conversations, computer communications in and out of the Channel Islands. All this is believed to be subsidised by the US National Security Agency.

 Surveillance of Persons in Guernsey