Obelisks and the God Ra

The " Guernsey Mafia " has caused the people of Guernsey to participate in giving a donation to raise an obelisk to the Sun-god RA, whilst the " Guernsey Mafia " Built a pyramid as a temple in St Martins to RA - the Sun God.

The obelisk stands on public view on the Harbour front in a prominent position! It has even been tipped off by the pyramiding shape which distinguishes obelisks from other monumental columns.

Why the obelisk? The shape is sacred to the sect that worship the Sun-god RA; the creator of humanity, the source of all heat and light, the being on whom man was totally dependent. The higher Archy of the " Guernsey Mafia " worship this god as did their ancestors when they first enslaved Guernsey Man ( hence the legend of the devil landing in Guernsey at Cobo) this legend came about because of the RA cult landing and ruling Guernsey bringing their ritual sacrifice practices with them.

Over the years there has been unexplained murders, which have been covered up by the local authorities to hide the truth that these were sacrifices offered to RA from the world.

The cult of RA is Alive and thriving in the Channel Islands! The pyramid and obelisk bare witness to the fact that this cult is expecting the return of Oriris : god of the earth, vegetation and the flood that gave life to all; god of rebirth; god of the underworld the last judgement and life after death.

The obelisk is phallic symbol of fatherhood : 'the rock that begot' Guernsey has been chosen as the start of the new world order with Oriris on his throne with the elite of the " Guernsey Mafia " gathered around.( see Satan's temple)

God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost, will not allow this to take place! In Gods eyes Guernsey and Jersey are becoming like Sodom and Gomorra and WILL be destroyed!

Fact : The Channel Islands are already a target for a first strike by a missile with a nuclear warhead due to being one of the major financial centres of capitalism. It would be so easy for a missile strike and the annihilation of the Channel Islands.

Satan's Temple

On the 25 July 1998 the dedication of Satan's Temple took place in St Martin's in Guernsey!

The wall and ceiling are laid out in the form of star constellations.

The building is pyramidal in shape, reflecting the stonemasonry that the slaves of the Egyptians used in building the great pyramids.

The building goes 25 feet underground with the main sacrificial hall 14 foot below the middle of the main hall above ground.

The domed roof is set with fibre optics lighting which are set out as two star constellations, the square and the compass.

In the middle of the room is a carpet consisting of black and white squares, globes representing the terrestrial and celestial spheres are on top of two pillars.

At the end of the room there are three wooden thrones on a raised dais, the centre of which is slightly higher and situated between two pillars.

The temple is now waiting for the arrival of Satan to sit on his raised throne.

Machiavellism - One who practises duplicity in state craft.

Machiavelli - Niccolo di Bernardo dei (1469-1527) A Florentine political philosopher, author of a treatise on state craft, called "The Prince" 1513 advocating the principle that any political means, however unscrupulous, are justifiable if they strengthen the power of a State.

Cult of the Machiavellist - is a cult that has over the centuries adapted and rewrote the original writings. This manual has evolved over the centuries and has been adopted by many governments, Police forces, security forces and the Guernsey Mafia. It is being used and has been used to destroy many people's lifes in Guernsey.

The gospel according to Machiavelli. To turn friend against friend, brothers against sisters split families and cause chaos in the streets.

Machiavellism in operation

Character assassination - To day that is easy all one has to do is go around falsely accusing without their knowledge a person of interfering with children.

This is the technique used by Police forces to make the family and friends of the target so disgusted that they cooperate willingly, thinking they are doing a good public service, only to find out when it's too late that it was a pack of lies. The people then close all association with the target who cannot understand why no one is talking to them or acknowledging them, this in turn causes them to drink and eventually commit suicide without knowing the reason why all that happened to them. Machiavellism is widely practised in Guernsey by the Guernsey Mafia families.  

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